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SRP 170,995.00

Product Specifications

• 1 group professional coffee machine
• With automatic (E) dosage
• 1 hot water output and programmable hot water doses
• Groups attached to thermostatically controlled boiler
• Programming of pre-infusion for each drink selection
• No return system of liquids into the boiler and in the steam taps by means vacuum valves
• Pressure gauge for steam boiler and pump
• User-friendly
• Display available for automatic dosage
• Wide cup warmer in stainless steel
• Cold water mix for group and tea and barista steam
• Wand available as option for automatic dosage

Voltage/Total power: 1,850 watts
230V 1+N 50/60Hz
Net weight: 40 Kg
Boiler capacity: 4.0 L
Steam Wand: 1