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SRP 99,995.00

Product Specifications

• 8ft. Industrial Ceiling Fan
• High efficiency and energy-saving motor.
• Dust proof structure and long service life motor
• High strength, lightweight impact-resistant & with long service life, large air volume
& high pressure airflow, Highly efficient & energy-saving ventilation product.
• Omni-directional natural wind – High efficiency and
energy-saving while ventilating a large area of coverage.
• Control Box – with status display, Ambient temperature display,
soft touch wind speed control and power control panel.
• Suitable for large logistics warehouses, distribution centers,
large workshop, public buildings, large farms and etc.

• 150 watts power
• 8.2 feet fan diameter
• 120rpm speed
• 3,600m3/min air volume
• 48Hz frequency
• 39dB(A) noise
• 225m2 wind coverage area
• 56m2 wind speed ≥ 1 m/s
• 40.5kg fan body weight
(Motor + Blade + connecting square tube)