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coffee machine


SRP 419,500.00

Product Specifications

• High-raised or low 2 groups with automatic dosage
• Large TOUCH SCREEN TFT display
• 5 / 7 backlighted capacitive selection buttons
• Rear panel in stainless steel with LED lights
• Perfect Point : perfect temperature control to set the T° of each button of each coffee group as desired
• Available in 2 colors: White and Black



SRP 169,500.00

Product Specifications

• Professional Coffee Machine
• Available with Auto(e) or Manual(p) dosage
• Push button panel and machine
• Front stainless steel
• 4 Selection buttons plus cont. delivery, steam wand
• Hot water output
• Thermosiphon Heating of coffee groups
• Rotation pump pressure gauge for steam boiler
• Display for 2 groups
• Auto Wide stainless steel cup warmer
• Auto level Control for boiler and heating up stage


SRP 31,999.00

Product Specifications

• 350 watts power
• 644 diameter of burr
• 1500g beans capacity
• 300g ground coffee capacity